Custom Soft PVC Labels

For designers who are looking for that extra detail that will set their products apart from the rest.

They are made out of Soft Rubber PVC, which gives them that soft, bendable feeling. PVC labels are great for promotional and branding products, especially those that are exposed to harsh conditions, where another type of label might not “make the cut”, such as products that will be exposed to extreme temperatures.
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If you are looking for Custom PVC Labels, you are in the right place

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5 Top Reasons Why to Order from Us

1. Very Low minimums at affordable prices: Our minimum is Only 100 Pieces !!! 2. Even more value for your money. We will design your labels FREE of Charge. 3. Fast Service. You will have a digital proof in less than 24 hours and your final product approximately 10 business days after approving your art. 4. Peace of mind. We are a U.S. Based Company. If you need to contact us, We will be here for you!

Applicability Options

Rubber PVC Labels can be applied in two different ways: Sewed on, or Adhesive. On your label we will allow for a sewing channel called a “stitch ditch”, which runs around the perimeter of each label to make for easy sewing. Most manufacturers and seamstresses will have needles that can sew PVC labels or Silicone labels on. For the adhesive rubber labels, you can apply them by heat adhesive or sticker adhesive. Depending on your item’s utility, heat adhesive might not be available for all applications, so call us for more information.

How To Order Soft PVC  / Rubber Labels

The first step in creating your custom PVC label is to contact us and one of our sales representatives will review your design with you. You can fill out our quick quote form or call us at (866) 611-6118. We will suggest the many options available to tailor your design to your needs and budget. When you have a special request or a rush order, we mobilize to meet your needs. Call us and ask us how our products will benefit your needs. We take great pride in our ability to transform your logo, insignia, or special artwork into elegant labels perfect for branding.